A team leader's view of Eduspend.
An employee's view of Eduspend.
An employee's view of Eduspend.
An employee's view of Eduspend.
An employee's view of Eduspend.

The Personal Learning Budget For Your Team

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Your team always knows best? We think so, too. That‘s why Eduspend helps you provide your employees with personalized training budgets. Enable your employees to learn on their own terms, using the most innovative training formats on the market.

Free selection of training providers and offers – digital and analog, alone or in a group

Avoid personal expenses by providing learners with the Eduspend Learning Card

A single invoice only for all providers – we process receipts and combine them for you

Works with both one-time and recurring budget provisions

Get entirely new insights into the learning behavior of your team

Made in Germany, with highest engineering and data protection standards

The innovative Eduspend Learning Card ensures that your employees can enjoy maximum freedom while using the newest learning offers by international providers, without making private expenses necessary. All bookings are automatically transferred to Eduspend.
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Discover a whole new world of learning.

With Eduspend, enable your team to use the best traditional classroom training providers, as well as the most innovative newcomers for digital training from all over the world.

Nano Degrees
Online Trainings
Online Trainings
Books & eBooks
Nano Degrees
Language Training
Eduspend can be used with all providers that offer direct sales to single learners, e.g. with the ones above. Eduspend is not in any contractual relationship with the providers displayed above.

Four Simple Steps to Use Eduspend in Your Team

When developing Eduspend, we put special value on ease of configuration, onboarding and a perfect user experience. This makes providing your team with a personal training budget as easy as never before.


You define budgets and a policy of use

Set up learners using our simple user interface or bulk import them. Then, use the Eduspend assistant to assign budgets to single employees or entire teams, only once or recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Learners buy their trainings straight from providers and start learning immediately

Whether online or from a retail store – your employees can book and purchase trainings and other learning material straight from their providers. There is no delay, and payment is a breeze using the Eduspend Learning Card.

Eduspend ensures that training content is being paid

In case learners have used private means of payment, we reimburse them as soon as they have provided us with a receipt. If they have used the Eduspend Learning Card, our payment goes straight to the provider.

Eduspend provides you with a combined invoice

Your large team produces an even larger number of receipts? No worries. We collect all receipts for training expenses and run a first check for their validity. Then we provide you with a machine-readable, combined invoice. 


Select the package that fits your requirements best.

Eduspend Starter

Use Eduspend to administrate your team's learning budgets and allow your team to offer the Eduspend learning catalog.
6,95 EUR 
per employee/month

Eduspend Pro

Like Eduspend Starter, aditionaly comes with Single Billing: Receive only a single invoice for all training expenses. Eduspend reimburses your employees.
9,95 EUR 
per employee/month

Eduspend Premium

Like Eduspend Pro, aditionally comes with the Eduspend Learning Card, the personal payment card for your employees. Avoids personal expenses and makes immediate trainings a breeze!
12,95 EUR 
per employee/month
We like fair and transparent billing – you only pay for users that are provided with a learning budget.

Who profits from Eduspend?

Eduspend is New Work in real life. And your whole company will enjoy that.

In the past, I often couldn't find suitable trainings for me. With Eduspend, I can decide freely and learn according to my personal taste!
Many applicants ask about further education these days. With Eduspend, we can now be confident talking about our innovative offers!
Team Leader
Eduspend is a great tool to intrinsically motivate my team. It's also a perfect fit for targeted personal development measures.
With Eduspend, we can finally make sure that everyone profits from further education, not just selected top performers. That's great!
Workers' Council
Personal Development
Eduspend is a great help when it comes to strategically planning our personal development. It provides us with incredibly valuable data.
Being a cloud product, Eduspend doesn't require any integration into existing systems. On top, we value the high data protection standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your question isn't answered? We are happy to help.

Was ist Eduspend?

Eduspend is the new personal learning budget for your team. With Eduspend, provide your emploees with personal budgets that they can use to learn on their own terms.

Is Eduspend a training provider?

We don't offer any classroom trainings or other trainings ourselves. Instead, we provide you with the Eduspend web platform, which your employees can use to access the best training offers from all over the world.

Which training products can my team use with Eduspend?

Eduspend does not restrict your selection of training providers, topics and formats in any way. Our specialty are innovative, digital products that are great because they are affordable, very high quality and immediately accessible. This includes online courses, nano degrees, book summaries or audio books. When it comes to discovering them, we use our Skillseed search engine, which is based on a catalog with close to 1.000.000 items. Technically, Eduspend can be used with any learning provider that supports direct billing to individual customers.

How high should the training budget for my team be?

We recommend to go for budgets of more than 15€ per month or 180€ per year. This amount allows your employees to create an attractive mix of different learning offers and formats. If you want to enable your employees to also use more expensive offers, such as classroom trainings and conferences, you may want to go for higher amounts.

Our recommendation: Provide each of your employees with a lower base budget, and upgrade it to a higher amount for top performers or employees that have siginificant development steps in front of them.

What happens to the training providers that I have been working with until today?

Are you already in a business relationship with a training or e-learning provider? That's perfectly fine. We don't aim at turning your training concept upside down - we only want to help you use your ressources more efficiently.

How do I know Eduspend is the right solution for me?

In principle, Eduspend is a good fit for companies of nearly any vertical or size. However, based on our experience, we know that medium-sized companies between 100 and 500 users can profit most from our platform. Due to our simple onboarding process, Eduspend is also interesting for smaller scenarios. And if you want to introduce Eduspend to your large corporation, we are happy to discuss your requirements and offer an individualized setup.

Obviously, it's also possible to use Eduspend in a single department or employee group – e.g. managers – only.

How can I make sure that my team uses Eduspend efficiently?

At Skillseed, we are convinced that empowering employees is a vital component of modern leadership. Therefore, we recommend our customers to give their teams plenty of rope when it comes to selecting training offers, based on a personalized budget. On top, Skillseed supports the communication of training guidelines to restrict training providers, topics and formats. It's also possible to manually approve training requests.

Who is the team behind Eduspend?

Eduspend is a product by mantro – a Munich-based company builder. At mantro, product designers, developers and entrepreneurs work together to create innovative products that provide a real value to their users. mantro has been on the market since 2005 and has completed many enterprise-grade projects since then.

Do you want to learn more about mantro? Visit our website at mantro.net.

Interested in using Eduspend?

Then let's get in touch! We are looking for Eduspend Launch Partners: be among the first companies to try Eduspend, and have your voice heard when it comes to our development next steps.

We will protect your data as detailed in our Data Protection Policy and will only use it to keep you in the loop about Eduspend.

Thank you very much! We will be in touch shortly.
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